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Welcome to Our Community: three.js Around the Web

If there’s one thing that sets three.js apart from the competition more than anything else, it’s the amazing community that will help and support you while you learn to use the library. No matter what your issue is, whether you need help with a thorny 3D math problem, are trying to understand some difficult syntax, have an idea for a new feature, want feedback on your work, or think that you’ve found a bug, you can usually get a response in a matter of hours. Provided you ask in the right place, that is.

Here are some places around the web where you’ll find the three.js folk hanging out.

The Official three.js Forum

The best place to ask for help, showcase your project, or engage in general three.js chitchat, is the official three.js forum, which has been around since April 2017. It’s highly active and you’ll find lots of enthusiastic people there who will be happy to help you out.

Projects posted in the showcase category may be selected for display on the three.js homepage, which is updated a couple of times a year to display the best new projects from around the web.


The official three.js Discord server is a great place to get to know the people who create beautiful things using three.js. It’s also a great place to showcase your work or ask for help in a less formal setting than the forum.

three.js on StackOverflow

Before the forum arrived, StackOverflow was the best place to ask three.js related questions, and you’ll still find lots of useful information there. The fastest way to get help with three.js is to post on both the forum and StackOverflow. However, if you do this, please crosslink your posts so the kind people who help you don’t duplicate their work.

three.js on GitHub

The three.js GitHub repo is a hive of activity, and if you do report a bug there, it will often be fixed in a matter of hours. However, the repo is not a help site and if you go there asking for help you will politely be asked to use the forum instead.

If you need to file a bug report, please read these guidelines first.


Twitter is a great place to find professional developers showcasing their three.js projects.

Here’s a couple of hashtags to search for: #threejs, #webgl, #creativecoding, and here are some accounts to follow: @threejs, @mrdoob (the creator of three.js), @lewy_blue (your occasionally humble author).


Slack, the bane of businesses everywhere. And of course, you’ll find three.js there too.


On Facebook, it’s all about the pages. Here’s a couple to get you started:

The three.js Subreddit

You can also try your luck with the three.js subreddit, but beware of falling into the black hole of Reddit and having your life sucked away into a dreary existence of memes and trolling! In any case, it tends to be less active than the forum or discord.

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